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Tubal Reversal Services in Florida and Virginia

Dr. Marwan Shaykh’s tubal reversal center and reproductive medicine practice serves two locations, north Florida and southwest Virginia. Dr. Shaykh personally conducts all procedures at our Florida and Virginia locations.

In addition to tubal reversal surgery, we offer the full array of advanced reproductive technologies (ART) to help female and male infertility patients. This is very important in choosing a tubal reversal center.  If conditions, such as male infertility, are present or tubal reversal surgery is unlikely to be successful options such as IVF can be offered.

The male must be evaluated to insure adequate sperm of good quality are available. Pregnancy after tubal reversal surgery is highly unlikely if male sub fertility is present. Dr. Shaykh always recommends the procedure most likely to result in pregnancy after carefully evaluating each partner.

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We are committed to providing the most current surgical, medical, and scientific services available in an environment of compassion and emotional support. To further assist you during your course of treatment, Dr. Shaykh and nurses are available to assist you 24 hours a day if needed.

Our nurses have years of experience working closely with couples trying to have a baby.  They understand the emotional and physical demands created by infertility.  They are also experienced “teachers” and help to fully explain all procedures to each couple.

The Assisted Fertility Program’s main tubal reversal center and infertility clinic office, located in North Florida, was the first fertility reproductive endocrinology program established in 1985. Our office in Roanoke Virginia is conveniently located across from the Lewis-Gale medical center, so couples in Southwest Virginia no longer need to travel outside of the area for specialized tubal reversal surgery and infertility services. In addition, we have a clinic located in Orlando, FL for new patient consultations.

Dr. Shaykh is an expert surgeon having performed hundreds of successful tubal reversals. We are also conscious of treatment cost issues and offer significant cost savings for tubal reversal surgery and IVF.


Call 1-800-777-4831 to schedule a new patient appointment with Dr. Shaykh today!