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Tubal Surgery Overview

Tubal reversal is offered by the Assisted Fertility Program of Jacksonville, Florida and Roanoke Virginia. Tubal reversal is sought by women

Marwan M. Shaykh, M.D. With over 36+ years of experience, he is the most experienced fertility specialist in the region!

with previous tubal ligations (sterilization) who now wish to become pregnant, usually due to changes in their life situations. Dr. Shaykh has years of successful experience performing tubal reversals.

Our Florida tubal reversal center was one of the first in Northern Florida and Southern Georgia, and has been available in Virginia since 2003. Tubal reversal provides a better chance of conceiving than in vitro fertilization in some cases. Tubal reversal surgery may be a good option based on several factors, including age and health, the method used in the tubal ligation, and the amount of Fallopian tube tissue that remains to work with.

Advantages of our Tubal reversal Program versus other programs:

  • Lowest Prices in The Region.
  • High Success Rates.
  • Experienced: Over 36+ Years of Experience.
  • Same Day Surgery.
  • Caring and Compassionate Staff.


Call 1-800-777-4831 to schedule a new patient appointment with Dr. Shaykh today! We offer a FREE evaluation of your surgical report to determine if you are a candidate. 

In order to restore the function of the fallopian tubes, Dr. Shaykh will remove any devices inserted during the original tubal reversal procedure. Tubal reversal is usually an outpatient procedure, meaning patients are able to go home the same day. Recovery usually takes three days to a week.

Tubal reversal requires a mini-laparotomy where a small incision is made above the pubic bone under the hairline. It is an outpatient procedure, patients go home the same day, they may drive back home or fly that evening or preferably the following day.

Our Florida and Virginia tubal reversal center always recommends the procedure most likely to result in pregnancy while considering factors such as cost. While some Doctors recommend tubal reversal be done laparoscopically, or by robotic surgery, Dr. Shaykh believes this adds to the time and cost of the procedure without improving the outcome. However, if a patient requests robotic tubal reversal surgery it is available. Tubal reversal side effects are rare, but can include infections, bleeding, and damage to the surrounding organs. In 25 years of practice, Dr. Shaykh has never had such complications. To learn more about the costs for tubal reversal, please visit our tubal reversal pricing page.

Hotel Accommodations

To help tubal reversal patients that are traveling to our center afford treatment, discounted hotel accommodations are now available. Please see the Hotel Information page for more details on what hotel discounts are available.

If you feel you are a candidate for tubal reversal, please make an appointment for a consult and if possible send a copy of your Tubal Ligation Operative Report to one of our offices.