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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Cost

IVF, Donor Egg, Discount Pricing

Dr. Shaykh and his staff provide the highest quality services in a compassionate and caring environment. Dr. Shaykh personally conducts all patient procedures including patient interviews, ultrasounds, IUI, and in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures.

IVF employs a high degree of technology and is expensive. Fortunately, most patients will not require in vitro fertilization to become pregnant. Dr. Shaykh is committed to making IVF and its associated procedures as inexpensive as possible to help couples achieve their dreams of having families. Our in vitro fertilization prices are the lowest in the region and our success rates are among the best. We provide our charges below so that you can compare our services to other programs.

Assisted Fertility Program North Florida/Southwest Virginia
Pricing Effective 7/14/14.

Please Note: Prices are increasing for IVF treatments this coming October. Take advantage of the low prices while they last

Mini Stim IVF:
Single Cycle: $5,000 + $350 Anesthesia Fee
Two Cycle Package: $8,000 + $350 Anesthesia Fee (each Cycle)
Three Cycle Package: $10,000 + $350 Anesthesia Fee (each Cycle)

Discounted Traditional IVF*:
Single cycle: $6,000 + $350 anesthesia
Two cycle package: $10,000.00 + $350.00 anesthesia (each cycle)
Three cycle package: Pay for two full price cycles ($12,000) and the third cycle FREE. (+ $350 anesthesia each cycle)

IVF with Egg Donor Compensation:

Single Cycle:$9,000 + $3,000 donor compensation fee

Three cycle package: Pay for two full price cycles ($18,000) and the third cycle FREE. (+ $3,000 donor compensation each cycle)

* monitoring of donor and recipient, as well as donor screening labs, anesthesia is included. If you are using your own egg donor, the compensation fee does not apply.

IVF with a Surrogate: $9,000 + $350 Anesthesia Fee *This Does Not Include Compensation fees of the Surrogate

*If you have insurance, we can check to see if you have any coverage for IVF services. The above pricing does not include: medications, screening labs or any optional services such as; ICSI ($1000), Freezing ($1000), blastocyst culturing ($500), or assisted hatching ($400).

Out of town patients: Patients living more than 2 hours away from the Jacksonville area have the option to do their monitoring visits at our clinic or with a clinic in their local area. If the patient opts to have their ultrasounds done locally, they will receive $500 off since they will be paying the other clinic directly. We will reimburse up to a 3 night hotel stay at Candlewood Suites for patient’s doing full price, single try traditional IVF whom live more than 4 hours away. A copy of the invoice is required for reimbursement. Please contact us for information about the hotel.

If you decide to use a multiple cycle package, there is no reimbursement if pregnancy is achieved on first attempt or if no pregnancy is achieved unless otherwise stated. The goal with IVF packages is 1 viable pregnancy be achieved; once there is a fetal heart beat it is considered a viable pregnancy and the package expires. Unfortunately if the pregnancy is lost after the heart beat has been seen, you will not get credit towards another cycle. If you purchase a package, the package is only good for cycles of the same kind. For example: You cannot do 1 mini stim cycle and then decide to try a donor cycle or traditional cycle. For further clarification please speak with the ivf coordinating team. Unfortunately there are no guarantees of pregnancy, just an increased chance of achieving pregnancy.

Online payment for IVF can be made at your convenience, on our website at:

If you have any questions about our pricing please call us at 800.777.4831.


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Skype Consults
Dr. Shaykh is now offering virtual consultations using Skype. This service is especially useful for those that live distant to one of our offices or have difficult work schedules. The Skype consults are intended for patients considering IVF, mini-stim IVF, or tubal reversal surgery. There is a minimal fee of $150 for the consult.  Please schedule your consult by following this link:

3627 University Blvd. South
Suite 450 Jacksonville, FL 32216
2660 Electric Road Suite: D
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