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Minimal Stimulation IVF

Low Cost IVF Alternative

Low cost IVF options, such as minimal stim IVF, are offered at our Jacksonville, FL and Roanoke, VA IVF clinics. Discounted, lower cost, IVF options are offered by Dr. Shaykh making IVF available to more couples.

For eligible couples, minimal stimulation In-Vitro fertilization may be an option. Minimal stimulation IVF results in a lower dose of medications that are needed. This lower cost IVF option increases the number of IVF cycles a couple can attempt thus improving pregnancy rates. Another low cost IVF option at our Jacksonville, FL and Roanoke, VA IVF centers is minimal stimulation IVF (mini stim IVF).

Minimal Stimulation IVF Assisted Fertility, Jacksonville, FL, Roanoke, VA Low Cost IVF, only $5,550

A lower cost IVF option, such as minimal stimulation, helps many couples afford IVF. The cost of a minimal stimulation cycle is $5,550 . Dr. Shaykh personally performs all patient interviews, ultrasounds, and procedures. We have had excellent success with minimal stimulation IVF in many of our patients.

The cost of an IVF cycle is greatly influenced by the amount of medication required. In a standard IVF cycle, gonadotropin hormone, FSH, (Gonal-F, Follistim, Menopur, Bravelle, etc.) is administered from the start of the cycle until the eggs are ready for retrieval as judged by ultrasound and estradiol measurements. Sometimes several additional days of stimulation are necessary which results in increased drug costs.

Our Jacksonville, FL and Roanoke, VA IVF programs offer mini stim IVF to help reduce the cost of standard IVF. In a mini stim cycle, a lower dose of FSH is used therefore reducing the cost significantly. The mini stim protocols drug requirements, and thus IVF cost, vary dependent upon each individual patient’s response to stimulation. IVF cost is increased if higher doses of FSH are required. Overall, IVF costs for a mini stim cycle are significantly lower than the cost of a standard IVF cycle.

The disadvantage is that fewer eggs result meaning fewer embryos for transfer and in some cases lower success rates. The Assisted Fertility Program in Jacksonville, FL and Roanoke, VA provides minimal stimulation cycles with good success rates. Dr. Shaykh is one of a few reproductive endocrinologists worldwide to achieve mini stim success rates that rival standard IVF in appropriate couples. This makes IVF affordable for many couples who could otherwise not pursue therapy.