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IVF medication discount programs

There are several programs available directly through the drug manufactures which help lower the cost of IVF medications. All of our patients are given the application when they visit our office and encouraged to apply. Medication discounts can range between $500-2500 off of the typical cost of the medications needed for IVF treatment. Discounts are awarded based on financial need. Please contact our office for more information about these programs.

Assisted Fertility Program IVF medication scholarship program

For patients who meet certain income criteria, medication scholarships may be available through our office to help assist the patient with lowering the cost of IVF medication. Samples if available, may also be provided to help reduce the cost to our patients. If a patient expresses a financial need to us, we do our very best to accommodate them if we can. Medication scholarships may be awarded prior to treatment or at the time of the patients initial consultation. Medication scholarships may also be awarded during treatment if a patient requires more medication and is unable to afford to purchase the remaining amount to finish their IVF treatment.

Reduced cost IVF treatment

Although our treatment costs for IVF are the lowest priced in the region, we do try to help reduce the cost of treatment as much as we can for our patients who are struggling to afford treatment. For patients that have expressed a financial hardship or need, we award a discounted treatment cycle to several patients per year at random.

Please contact us at 904-398-1407 to learn more about our programs.