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Many people decide to come to our clinic after searching for a fertility doctor in Orlando, FL since our prices for infertility treatment, in vitro fertilization tubal reversal and IVF medications are lower than other programs in the state of Florida. Patient’s searching for IVF in Orlando often do not realize that they can do many of their IVF ultrasound appointments locally and then come to our clinic at the very end of their IVF treatment for the egg retrieval and embryo transfer with Dr. Shaykh.

In addition to low costs for IVF treatment compared to other fertility clinics in the area, it is important to note that Dr. Shaykh has 30-years experience in treating infertility. Dr. Shaykh started the first In Vitro Fertilization program in North Florida in 1985 which serves patients in the Orlando area. Dr. Shaykh treats many infertility patients that live in areas outside of Jacksonville and helps to make it convenient and affordable for people that live further away to come to our clinic. Our IVF success rates are among the best in the region.

He offers phone and Skype appointments and is always available if a patient has questions. Once a treatment plan has been established, and the patient starts their IVF treatment, we give the patient a prescription for their ultrasounds and help them schedule their appointments with a local infertility center in Orlando. The patient would do their ultrasound monitoring appointments in Orlando and then once the patient is ready for egg retrieval, they would then come to our clinic for the procedure and may go home the same day.

Dr. Shaykh enjoys helping people achieve their dreams of having a family and understands the financial burden that infertility can cause. He strives to keep his prices as affordable as possible because many treatments are not typically covered by insurance. His prices are currently the lowest in the region. Dr. Shaykh accepts most kinds of insurances and his office staff with check with your insurance company prior to treatment to see if anything would be covered.

Even if a patient has insurance coverage for IVF; they may not have coverage for the medications. Medications for a typical IVF cycle when purchased through a pharmacy can easily cost $5,000 or more. Dr. Shaykh works directly with the medication manufacturers and is able to offer the exact same medications for almost half of the price of a traditional pharmacy. Many patients searching for IVF medications in Orlando, FL find our clinic because we offer low-cost IVF medication and they can save an average of $2,000 in medication costs alone just by coming to our clinic.

In addition to IVF and other fertility treatments; patients seeking tubal ligation reversal surgery in Orlando, FL can also benefit from Dr. Shaykh’s experience by coming to our clinic. Our price for the surgery is also much lower than tubal reversal surgery in Orlando and is all-inclusive with no hidden fees. The patient can do their initial consultation with Dr. Shaykh via phone or Skype from their home and then come to Jacksonville the day of the surgery. The surgery is outpatient which means the patient can return home that same day.

Dr. Shaykh offers telephone and Skype consultation appointments so that patients searching for a fertility specialist in Orlando can speak to him without having to travel for the initial appointment. Face to face appointments are also available. At the initial appointment, Dr. Shaykh will review the patient’s medical history, recommend any fertility testing and discuss the treatment plan.

Furthermore, in order to make it more convenient for patients looking for fertility treatment in Orlando, Dr, Shaykh offers a hotel discount program for patients traveling to Jacksonville for their treatment. The clinic is partnered with a local hotel so that if a patient wanted to stay overnight after their treatment, they receive a discounted rate on a room.

Contact our office today at (407) 493 – 7765 to book your consultation appointment with Dr. Shaykh and get started with your fertility treatment.

1817 Crescent Blvd, Suite: 102A
Orlando, FL 32817
(407) 493 – 7765

*IVF is offered at a lower rate for patients who live outside of Jacksonville since the patient will be paying a local provider directly for any ultrasounds during their IVF monitoring.