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Many people research the cost of IVF treatment before selecting a fertility physician. At many fertility clinics the cost of IVF in Florida or Georgia can range anywhere from $10,000 to 20,000 depending on the treatment and services selected. This can cause many financial hardships for couples trying to conceive as many insurance companies do not cover In-Vitro Fertilization or any Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) under their insurance plans. We currently offer the lowest prices in the region on IVF and IVF related services.

The director of the Assisted Fertility Program, Dr. Marwan Shaykh understands the financial burden infertility treatments can cause and wants to make fertility treatments as affordable as possible. This is why we strive to offer the lowest prices on IVF as compared to other fertility clinics in Florida, Georgia and Virginia. In addition, we offer discounted IVF medication to further save our patient’s money. We are upfront with our pricing and have no hidden fees. Our current pricing is available on our IVF Cost and Pricing page.

While we agree that cost is an important factor when selecting an infertility doctor, it is also important to look at other factors such as the physician’s experience. Dr. Marwan Shaykh, the director if the Assisted Fertility Program has over 30 years of experience. In fact, he started the first In-Vitro Fertilization program in North Florida in 1985.

IVF Treatment and Procedure Cost

When researching treatment costs, it is helpful to look at the big picture to get the best idea of how much IVF treatment will cost. The first cost is the actual IVF treatment related costs for the procedure. This cost includes the stimulation monitoring of the woman including any ultrasounds and blood work that are needed during treatment, the egg aspiration procedure and the embryo transfer procedure. The cost should also include all supplies and IVF laboratory fees. Our IVF cost is all inclusive so there is no worrying about receiving a bill at the end of the treatment for things like ultrasounds, blood work, lab fees or supplies.

IVF medication costs

Secondly, you will want to consider the cost of the IVF medications. The cost of IVF medication will vary from patient to patient because not every patient’s treatment regimen is the same. For example, different patients may require different doses of medication. At the Assisted Fertility Program we are able to save patients money on IVF medications since we are able to order some of the required medications at a wholesale price directly from the drug manufacturers. The medications are then purchased through our clinic which can save thousands. Typical medication costs for traditional IVF range from $2,500-3,500 when purchased through our fertility clinic. (The standard cost of IVF medication when purchased through a commercial pharmacy is usually around $5,000 or more

depending on which medications are used). This can save our patients a substantial amount of money when purchasing the required medications for In-Vitro Fertilization.

Cost of any additional IVF services

After treatment costs and medication costs are considered any additional services should also be taken into consideration. These additional services can include; the cost of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), the cost of Assisted Hatching, the cost of Embryo Cryopreservation or Embryo Freezing and Frozen embryo transfer costs if desired. Not all patients will need or desire the above services but they should be taken into consideration before proceeding with an IVF center. We keep our prices for these services competitive and currently offer the lowest price in the region. Our patients will never receive a bill at the end of their treatment with services that they did not know about.

Pre-IVF testing costs

At all IVF centers, there is some pre testing that is required to be performed as mandated by the state, prior to starting IVF. This required testing applies to both partners who will be using their own eggs or sperm for the IVF procedure. This IVF pre-screening consists of basic laboratory testing (blood work) to screen for any infectious diseases that may potentially harm a developing baby or the pregnant woman. In most cases, the patient’s private insurance covers the cost of this lab testing however for patients who do not have insurance, the patient is responsible for the required laboratory testing before proceeding with IVF treatment. We offer a discount program for the required lab testing if the patient does not have insurance so they are not responsible for the full cost of these tests.

In addition, a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG) or Sonohysterography may also be required for the woman to ensure there are no problems with her uterus or fallopian tubes which may compromise her chances of pregnancy. Again, if the patient has insurance this can be billed to her insurance. However if the patient does not have insurance, the cost of this test would be her responsibility.

Travel Costs for IVF

IVF in Tampa, Miami, and other south Florida areas can be upwards of $15,000 so even after factoring in all costs; many patients have told us that it still saved them quite a bit of money to have IVF at our Jacksonville FL clinic as compared to having IVF in South Florida areas. The patient will want to consider any other treatment related costs such as traveling to their IVF budget. Many patients travel to our clinic from other areas and Dr Shaykh has partnered with a local hotel which gives our patients a discount if they choose to stay in the area overnight at the hotel. You can learn more about our IVF Hotel Discount Program here. Gas costs are also something that should be considered when selecting a fertility clinic away from home.

For our patient’s traveling from other areas, we give them the option to do their ultrasounds and blood-work appointments locally so they only need to travel to our clinic for the actual procedures. This saves our patients time and money as they are able to have “outside monitoring” at another clinic instead of driving to our clinic several times during their IVF stimulation.

Cost of time away from work

Since the egg aspiration and embryo transfer is performed outpatient, minimal time away from work is needed. Typically the only time away from work is needed on the day of the egg aspiration and the day of the embryo transfer. It is advised however, that the patient rest the day following both procedures. If the patient has a job that requires heavy lifting or a lot of physical activity, sometimes the following day is recommended to rest before returning to work.