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Payment savings plan: You always have the option to make monthly payments directly to us in any amount until your procedure is paid for in full; then we can schedule your procedure. Contact us directly to set up a payment savings plan where you can start making monthly deposits. Just call our office and we can set you up with a payment saving account and you can start making payments online or over the phone. We do not charge any fees for this option. You also will get the self-pay discount on your procedures.

Financing options: If you want to have your procedure done right away and do not have the funds in advance you can use a medical financing company. Many financing companies have different interest rates so it’s helpful to call around to get the best interest rate for your medical loan. If you can’t get qualified for a medical loan with any of the above companies, please contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

Here is a list of medical financing companies we accept and participate with:

1. Prosper Healthcare Lending – Provider# 028293ProsperHealthcareLending
Ph. 888.602.6066

2. Healthcare Finance Solutions
Ph. 844-437-6747

3. United Medical Credit
Ph. 888-647-4333



4. New Life Fertility Financing
ph. 760-512-4397

5. Lightstream Financing
Ph. 760-512-4397

6. Med Loan Finance
Phone: 800-504-4053
Email: info@medloanfinance.com

7. Lending USA
ph. 888-502-8085
fax 888-502-8030
email: info@medicalfinancing.com

8. Care Credit (**Does not cover infertility services ex. ivf, they do cover tubal reversals)
Ph. (800) 677-0718

9. Lending Club
Ph. 800-630-1663
Fax 508-281-8505
Email: solutions@lendingclub.com

Please note: the self-pay discount pricing does not apply if using medical financing. Please refer to our website or contact us via phone if you have questions regarding pricing.