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Embryo and Egg Freezing- Assisted Fertility IVF Program Jacksonville, FL and Roanoke, VA

Our Florida and Virginia IVF programs offer embryo freezing as an option to reduce the cost of future IVF cycles. Some couples also qualify for discounted IVF cycles. Sometimes there are leftover embryos after an IVF cycle since there may be too many to safely transfer.

The advantage of frozen embryos is that they can be replaced in future IVF cycles without the patient having to repeat drug treatment and egg retrieval. Fertility treatment costs are reduced because expensive fertility medications are not required. We recommend embryo freezing if one or more embryos of good quality are available. Frozen embryos have been transferred since 1987 and there appears to be no increased incidence of fetal abnormality in babies born following frozen embryo transfer.

About 70 percent of all frozen embryos survive the thawing process. Some couples may have all of their embryos survive in good condition while others may not have any that survive. Embryos are frozen in batches of two or three and thawed as a group, not individually.

Frozen embryo replacement is a relatively simple procedure performed at our Florida fertility clinic office. Using hormone replacement , the embryos are thawed and transferred back to the uterus. At our center, embryos can be frozen for up to one year, at which time the embryos may be donated to another couple, transferred to a long-term storage facility, or allowed to degenerate. The decision depends on the couples desire.

Egg Freezing Jacksonville FL, and Roanoke, VA

Egg freezing is offered by our Jacksonville, FL and Roanoke VA IVF clinics. Egg freezing involves freezing the eggs retrieved in an IVF cycle before they are fertilized. This is unlike embryo freezing where the eggs have been fertilized. Frozen eggs retain their fertility potential at the time they were frozen.

As women age, their eggs naturally lose the ability to develop culminating in the menopause. Frozen eggs from a 25 year old woman will have the same fertility when thawed years later. When the woman is ready to conceive the frozen eggs are thawed and combined with the partner’s sperm causing embryos to form. The embryos are cultured until mature and then transferred to the mother’s uterus.

Egg freezing is an option for women who want to preserve their fertility. Reasons could include not having found a life partner, career pursuit, or other personal reasons. Some cancer patients can also benefit from egg freezing. The eggs are retrieved and frozen prior to exposure to toxic chemotherapeutic or radiation treatments. Once treatments are complete, the frozen eggs can be used in a future IVF cycle. Embryo and egg freezing are offered by our Jacksonville, FL and Roanoke, VA IVF, infertility clinics.