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Donor Egg Program Jacksonville, FL, Roanoke, VA

Our Jacksonville Florida donor egg program is a wonderful option for women who otherwise could not become pregnant using their own eggs. The donor egg program is an option for many women with poor quality eggs due to ovarian failure related to age, genetic problems, unexplained reasons, or ovarian damage secondary to cancer treatments.

Donor egg is sometimes appropriate for women with recurrent miscarriage or those who fail repeated IVF cycles. Fortunately, our Jacksonville, FL and Roanoke, VA donor egg programs provide egg donation services with high success rates.

One major advantage of using an egg donor is that the IVF success rates match the egg donor’s age group. For example, if the eggs of a 23 year old woman are fertilized and the embryos implanted into a 40 year old women; the success rates equal the 23 year old group and are typically high.

A donor egg cycle involves several steps. The egg donor undergoes ovulation induction with fertility medications (FSH) to cause her ovaries to create many eggs. Once her eggs mature they are retrieved under sedation using ultrasound guided transvaginal retrieval. Once retrieved the eggs are combined with the sperm and allowed to fertilize. Oftentimes, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) is employed to increase fertilization rates, especially if male infertility is present.

The fertilized eggs, now embryos, are transferred to the laboratory and allowed to mature in incubators. Once mature, the embryos are transferred to the recipient. The donor egg recipient receives medications to sync her cycle with the egg donors. This is done so that her endometrium will be at the correct stage to receive the embryos.

The child will have the genetic makeup of the father and the egg donor. Our Jacksonville donor egg program carefully selects and screens all egg donors. Egg donor candidates should be between the ages of 21 and 30, meet height and weight requirements (to minimize health risks), and be free of certain genetic defects and medical conditions. All potential egg donors complete exhaustive screening for physical or psychological problems. The identity of the egg donor is not known to the couple unless it is a “known” donor such as a relative or friend.

Egg donors receive compensation for their time and inconvenience. Most donors have a sincere desire to help couples conceive. Qualified egg donor candidates who are interested in helping infertile couples enjoy the gift of parenthood should contact the Assisted Fertility Donor Egg Program in Jacksonville , Florida. It can be reached using our contact form.

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Qualified egg donor candidates who are interested in helping infertile couples enjoy the gift of parenthood should contact either the Assisted Fertility Program of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL or the Assisted Fertility Program of South West Virginia in Roanoke, Virginia.